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1. Stretch

 Before your toes hit the floor, stretch them first! Point and flex your toes while lying in bed. Rock your ankles gently back and forth. Doing so will get your blood circulation flowing, lending to fewer aches and joint discomfort while giving you more energy for your day. 1

2. Hydrate
After sleeping all night, your body is naturally lower in hydration. Drinking filtered water first thing in the morning helps to replenish your tank for vital body systems function and, according to the Mayo Clinic, may even ward off bad breath.2 Add a little fresh lemon to your water, and you’re on track to balance your pH levels for better digestion and metabolism.
3. Nourish
Instead of reaching for sugary or starchy breakfast items, choose from antioxidant-rich breakfast foods like whole grains, blueberries and other dark berries, antioxidant-rich teas like green tea, juices, such as our Nopal Cactus juice Nopalea, and/or nutritional supplements rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin C, E, beta carotene (a precursor form of vitamin A), folic acid, iron, magnesium, CoenzymeQ 10 (CoQ10) and polyphenols.
The benefits of antioxidants for the body are many. From warding off infections, to stress management to proper body functions and even aging well, antioxidants are your ally for wellness and vitality.3
4. Visualize 
Tired? Grumpy? A little confused from what the day will bring? Take a mindful moment to breathe, center, and say a little prayer to help set your day. Your inner you will thank you for the extra care.
5. Go 
 Don’t forget: get moving, get going, get smiling! It’s going to be a beautiful day! 
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So if Anger is Normal, What’s the BIG Deal?



ANGER   ~   So if Anger is Normal,             What’s the BIG Deal?

What exactly IS the BIG deal.  So we get angry.  Everyone gets angry sometimes.

That’s true.  We all do. 

The deal is about learning to:

  • understand the Anger Cycle
  • what our anger is about.
  • see how we react to it
  • learn to actually understand what is going on with us
  • on the inside & how we act it out
  • decide how to Respond vs React


There are Stages or Phases of Anger.   Many will say they just ‘get angry’.  However, it is not quite that straightforward.  There is a given pattern of anger.   And it is important that you have an understanding of this cycle if you are going to get your own anger under control, or deal with the anger of another, or others around you or handle situations that arise that you want to deal with more appropriately.

The first stage is the TRIGGER Stage

In this stage, basically, you triggered by something.  You go from calm and normal and suddenly something happens.  Some behavior from without, some situation, a realization on the inside that you react to in anger.

  1. What are some of the things that ‘TRIGGER’ you? Think about this.  Jot a few things down.

Your OWN things.  What triggers YOU.  People are triggered by different things.       What bothers others may not bother you and vice versa.  Again, jot a few things down.

The things that trigger you are your own.  There are dozens and dozens of responses from different individuals to the same stimuli.   This is why you must own your own responses.   Responsibility means  ‘my ability to respond’.   We want to mature into individuals who choose to respond appropriately,  and the great news is, that is totally possible.   Remember, you are not a puppet.  You are not governed by the whims of others.  They also have choices as to how they behave.  And that might NOT be just in the best way.  Nevertheless, you and I have no strings attached.  No matter what happens we have the ability to respond appropriately.  If we feel powerless and without that ability,  GOOD NEWS ~ there’s big hope for you when you realize that.  There are some simple to learn yet powerful changes you can make for yourself, to become truly responsible, that is, able to respond appropriately.


*Next Blog we’ll look at the Second Phase of the AROUSAL CYCLE  ~   ESCALATION


*Laura is Certified in Conflict Resolution from the Justice Institute of B. C.  She has taught more than 20 years in Dealing With Anger and is qualified in Mediation and Negotiation.  She has served as Parent/Teen Mediator, Family Mediator, Child Protection Mediator, Facilitator, and Co-Therapist in groups for Men who were Court-Ordered and learning how to appropriately express anger.

*Laura is available for 1/2 hour Consults by phone


ANGER ~ Some Considerations.

Anger is a normal emotion. It is part of the Human Experience.  Anger happens when our perceived needs or wants are not met.  *’Anger is an emotion that tells us when something may be wrong. For example, we may feel angry when something is beyond our control or feels unfair, when we can’t reach a goal, or when someone is hurt or threatened. We can also feel angry when we are under too much stress. Anger can involve a wide range of feelings.’


Anger exists on a sliding scale.   From ticked, to annoyed, to frustrated, stressed, to outright demonstrations of words, swearing, put downs (self or others) throwing things, putting down people important to the one you are angry with, kicking the dog or cat, damaging property, violence – hitting. punching, slapping, threatening violence to another person, or their property, or loved ones, or even their pet.


People THINK that their anger is someone else’s fault, or some situation has caused their anger.  SO THEY OFTEN EXCUSE THEIR BEHAVIOUR.

*** There is NO EXCUSE for behaviour that acts out the anger in a negative way.         WE CAN LEARN TO ACKNOWLEDGE our OWN anger as MY RESPONSE to a situation, ACCEPT responsibility for handling it appropriately, LEARN what that looks like and CHOOSE to do it.



*From Canadian Mental Health Association


Being Happy Requires Some Clear Decisions.

Happiness is a choice.  Being pleasant is a choice.

     How I feel inside, is mine to deal with.  How I project to

others is my choice.  I have days and times when I do

not feel just tickety-boo.  But, I do not choose to dump

my feelings and situation on everyone’s plate.

     I do find appropriate ways to share and process those things,

and thereby grow in my maturity through these events.

Life brings all kinds of opportunity to learn and grow and it is

not always in fun stuff.

Still, choose to be a student and ask ~  What CAN I learn?

What HAVE I learned?  What will I do differently?

     I ask God frequently when things are tough, “Please don’t waste

any of this suffering.”  There is a cost to developing capable-ness and

cope-ability.   Be willing to pay the price.  It is so worth it. Go the

journey, and never give up knowing that you are ‘IN PROCESS’  that

there is a positive outcome for you ~ as life is worked through with God,

knowing that all things will turn out for good.  It is our FAITH that puts

it in action.


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mkmma – wk 23 – On the road again!

     Such a joy to be with my brother and his wife.   We have nearly lost this dear man a couple of times.   

     He has no functioning kidney and is totally dependent on a dialysis machine.  Thank God for it.   It and its’ components take up half a bedroom, a storage closet, shelves, drawers, water piped into and drained out of the bedroom via the machine’s systems.   It takes an hour to set up at night and an hour to clean up in the morning.   He explained how it works (which is amazing). It cleans his blood while he sleeps.  It is equipped with at least 30 monitoring and signaling for its’ systems, and should the power go off, there is a hand crank that can be used to complete the process to that point, with everything  to and from his body in the exact way before allowing it to shut down.

     My sister-in-law has been through the knothole backwards with these health issues of my brothers.  I appreciate both of them more than I can say.  No flowery beds of ease for them.  BUT a wonderful acceptance of what is and a teamwork spirit of  doing whatever it takes.  I am blessed to see this in action.  

     These things are the real stuff of life.   Life and death.  In spite of that there is a way in which you would not know this was all going on.  A warm welcome to folks who drop in, plans and already planting seedlings for the garden,  the joy of the ‘kids coming home’ and a turkey dinner to visit me and celebrate a son’s birthday.


     Always remembering I/We have this gift of life for a time.  It does have an expiration date.  Look up.  Seek God and His purpose for you.  Find your gift and then give it away someone said.

     We are a kidney, or a heart, or liver, or pain or disease away from our world being turned upsidedown.  WE are Fearfully and Wonderfully made according to the Great Architect.  So Enjoy the Wonder of You and those you come into contact with, NO MATTER YOUR SITUATION.  


Hen and Little Furry ones!

MKMMA – Wk. 22? Joy comes in the Morning.

Psalm 30 ~ Verse 5.  

“Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy comes in the morning.”

     So to be frank, it’s been a tough couple of  months.  A great deal of loss and tears.  And I’m a person of faith.  This journey here is not the end.  We have eternity ahead.  Thank God because the suffering ends at the departure from this planet!  Real everlasting life starts then.  This is a truth that cannot be disputed no matter what ‘persuasion’ you ascribe to.  And even so, it is very hard to say goodbye.  My three persons whom I cared very much for, had an END to their suffering in this old world.  My Pet Piggie’s pain ended as she left us.  Again I say, thank goodness.  To live forever in agony could not be borne.  Nor to watch it.

     This week, is a new page turned.  I must be about my life.  One lovely thing that is happening, and part of my DMP, is that my book, “This Little Piggie Came Home!” is almost ready to publish.  It is exciting to me.  My first DMP Draft did NOT have a book in it.  Thanks to the MKMMA course and the ‘frustrating’ persistence of my Coach, who kept ‘motivating’ me until I burst through into my real Definite Major Purpose, and THERE WAS WRITING standing there waving its’ hand!

     So here is the cycle of life, the positive continuation of my life and its’ process and purpose.  Living and dying is all part of the picture.  It was my privilege to be with my friends in their home stretch.  It is my privilege and pleasure to pursue my purpose and path as my life cycles on.  For now.  What a happy thing!   May I bless, help and encourage others as I go and when I’m in the Home stretch and can see my Crown down ahead, I will rejoice.

     In the meantime,  may my pen carry my love and Joy of Life to people and make a difference in this world!   You too, were created with tremendous potential, wrapped  up in unique gifting.  Go for it!!  Seek it,  acknowledge it.  Own it.  Go For It!   12729396_984319724981305_3142010173832935252_n

Concrete road

Concrete road in a green spring field



Mkmma Wk. 22 ~ Stunning. I’ve been being Me…


     Considering FEAR, GUILT, ANGER, HURT FEELINGS, and UNWORTHINESS this week and how they can be used as tools.

     One of my Personal Pivotal Needs is ‘Helping Others’.   I have frequently found myself in this role and drawn to it, yet feeling dissatisfied and guilty, and like I’m being proud or arrogant, and ‘who do I think I am’ etc.

     I believe I get something radically different at this point.   As I have been called to help several others through very difficult situations these last weeks and sing at funerals, and be with hurting people, I have great joy.  It was other’s ‘putting on me’ that I was a ‘showoff’ or acting like I want to ‘be in everyone’s business’  or others just being non-supportive and critical.

     The feelings I was experiencing were real, but based on ERROR.  I have been being me. Some have had a problem with that.   I realize that I didn’t fully accept that in me and I was always apologetic to MYSELF since I was not measuring up to ‘WHOEVER’S’ idea of what/how/who I should be.  Or doing these things in spite of how some felt about it and hope they didn’t find out.

     A bit nuts I think.  BUT out of this week’s pondering, a sudden revelation.  HELPING IS WHAT I MUST BE ABOUT.   IT IS ME.  AND THAT’S THAT.

     So I have been hurt, have been angry sometimes, I have been worried or fearful about what others think and what that will look like.  Feeling unworthy secretly to accept praise yet hungering deeply for it.

     I will be me and do what is in my DNA to do, and that’s it.  How or what others in the past or currently think about it, is their choice.  I am not connected by strings to them anymore.  God knows what He made me for.  And I know.

     I shall dance my dance freely and sprinkle Happy Dust while doing so for the care and love of others and the honouring of who I am and what I am about.

     The Five components and I have divorced.  We will bump here and there in passing but no longer have a marriage.    We shall pass as ships in the night with gladness and no fear.