Being Happy Requires Some Clear Decisions.

Happiness is a choice.  Being pleasant is a choice.

     How I feel inside, is mine to deal with.  How I project to

others is my choice.  I have days and times when I do

not feel just tickety-boo.  But, I do not choose to dump

my feelings and situation on everyone’s plate.

     I do find appropriate ways to share and process those things,

and thereby grow in my maturity through these events.

Life brings all kinds of opportunity to learn and grow and it is

not always in fun stuff.

Still, choose to be a student and ask ~  What CAN I learn?

What HAVE I learned?  What will I do differently?

     I ask God frequently when things are tough, “Please don’t waste

any of this suffering.”  There is a cost to developing capable-ness and

cope-ability.   Be willing to pay the price.  It is so worth it. Go the

journey, and never give up knowing that you are ‘IN PROCESS’  that

there is a positive outcome for you ~ as life is worked through with God,

knowing that all things will turn out for good.  It is our FAITH that puts

it in action.


CLICK HERE for: The KEYS to Growth & MATURITY.


MKMMA – Wk. 22? Joy comes in the Morning.

Psalm 30 ~ Verse 5.  

“Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy comes in the morning.”

     So to be frank, it’s been a tough couple of  months.  A great deal of loss and tears.  And I’m a person of faith.  This journey here is not the end.  We have eternity ahead.  Thank God because the suffering ends at the departure from this planet!  Real everlasting life starts then.  This is a truth that cannot be disputed no matter what ‘persuasion’ you ascribe to.  And even so, it is very hard to say goodbye.  My three persons whom I cared very much for, had an END to their suffering in this old world.  My Pet Piggie’s pain ended as she left us.  Again I say, thank goodness.  To live forever in agony could not be borne.  Nor to watch it.

     This week, is a new page turned.  I must be about my life.  One lovely thing that is happening, and part of my DMP, is that my book, “This Little Piggie Came Home!” is almost ready to publish.  It is exciting to me.  My first DMP Draft did NOT have a book in it.  Thanks to the MKMMA course and the ‘frustrating’ persistence of my Coach, who kept ‘motivating’ me until I burst through into my real Definite Major Purpose, and THERE WAS WRITING standing there waving its’ hand!

     So here is the cycle of life, the positive continuation of my life and its’ process and purpose.  Living and dying is all part of the picture.  It was my privilege to be with my friends in their home stretch.  It is my privilege and pleasure to pursue my purpose and path as my life cycles on.  For now.  What a happy thing!   May I bless, help and encourage others as I go and when I’m in the Home stretch and can see my Crown down ahead, I will rejoice.

     In the meantime,  may my pen carry my love and Joy of Life to people and make a difference in this world!   You too, were created with tremendous potential, wrapped  up in unique gifting.  Go for it!!  Seek it,  acknowledge it.  Own it.  Go For It!   12729396_984319724981305_3142010173832935252_n

Concrete road

Concrete road in a green spring field



Mkmma Wk. 22 ~ Stunning. I’ve been being Me…


     Considering FEAR, GUILT, ANGER, HURT FEELINGS, and UNWORTHINESS this week and how they can be used as tools.

     One of my Personal Pivotal Needs is ‘Helping Others’.   I have frequently found myself in this role and drawn to it, yet feeling dissatisfied and guilty, and like I’m being proud or arrogant, and ‘who do I think I am’ etc.

     I believe I get something radically different at this point.   As I have been called to help several others through very difficult situations these last weeks and sing at funerals, and be with hurting people, I have great joy.  It was other’s ‘putting on me’ that I was a ‘showoff’ or acting like I want to ‘be in everyone’s business’  or others just being non-supportive and critical.

     The feelings I was experiencing were real, but based on ERROR.  I have been being me. Some have had a problem with that.   I realize that I didn’t fully accept that in me and I was always apologetic to MYSELF since I was not measuring up to ‘WHOEVER’S’ idea of what/how/who I should be.  Or doing these things in spite of how some felt about it and hope they didn’t find out.

     A bit nuts I think.  BUT out of this week’s pondering, a sudden revelation.  HELPING IS WHAT I MUST BE ABOUT.   IT IS ME.  AND THAT’S THAT.

     So I have been hurt, have been angry sometimes, I have been worried or fearful about what others think and what that will look like.  Feeling unworthy secretly to accept praise yet hungering deeply for it.

     I will be me and do what is in my DNA to do, and that’s it.  How or what others in the past or currently think about it, is their choice.  I am not connected by strings to them anymore.  God knows what He made me for.  And I know.

     I shall dance my dance freely and sprinkle Happy Dust while doing so for the care and love of others and the honouring of who I am and what I am about.

     The Five components and I have divorced.  We will bump here and there in passing but no longer have a marriage.    We shall pass as ships in the night with gladness and no fear.


wk. 21 MKMMA ~ Calm Peace Came. Barriers Evaporated.

How can we use:

  • FEAR


Use them for motivation to make change if change is something good to do.


I am a miracle of God’s doing made for good stuff.   I get to see that I live each day as my last and do in each day what is ordained for the day, without looking back, but looking forward to what God and I are creating in my life.  That means letting go of all things that do not contribute positively to the Purposeful Life I live.

Those things are in my mind to control/ignore/stand on the neck of & go forward !

They are an indicator light so to speak, that my old blueprint is wanting to be SAFE.

AT THE SAME TIME my new blueprint is depending on me for support and honouring.

I CHOOSE to support my new blueprint and go forward like pushing through tall grass nonstop and parting it as I go!    Or a ship slicing through the ridiculously massive walls of water, as it goes forward to its’ goal.10454551_10152462647129425_5652329042701601863_n




MKMMA – WK 19 – “That Mirror”

I ran into a mirror yesterday. Not  my mirror.  Unexpected.  Not from where, not from whom I would have thought.

What I discovered is that their expression of what THEY saw in the mirror touched me and I thought of my mirror.  Thought of my DMP, thought of my progress in my changing attitudes, behaviours, thoughts, disciplines.  Thankfully there has been some serious and important changes in those very things.  BUT….

the singing of the ‘Man in the Mirror’ that I had never heard, reduced me to tears.  How lovely an expression of the DESIRE to start with the man in the mirror.  And how tragically that life ended.   So I wondered how that revelation of changing oneself, changed him, or just his bank account, or popularity.  Did it give him the peace and joy that I’m sure he longed for. I wonder what changes he envisioned?  Perhaps the revelation is not enough.

For me, I have learned a lot from the Master Key training.  It has been a whole new world.   However, it is easy to slide, I confess.   I do not choose to slide.  I choose to dig in even more and allow myself to be ‘MAXIMIZED’ in person for me and those I serve and will yet serve through the actualizing of my DMP.

Watch this performance.  He was a Master entertainer!   Thank you Michael for wonderful contributions to our world.


MKMMA wk. 18 ~ It’s Going to Be OKAY!!

It’s Going to Be OKAY, he said ~ click Here.

Pretty amazing circumstances to have calmly stated that to another.

He not only said it, he allowed it to change his life, finding his PURPOSE/s and bringing meaning and value to the lives of others.  FIND WHAT IT IS YOU WERE PUT HERE FOR AND DO IT WITH ALL YOUR HEART.   Those things which are most satisfying will find you in SERVICE and BLESSING TO OTHERS.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your life.

I hope to always be an – UPPER-LIFTER!


MKMMA ~ wk. 17b ~ We Came To DANCE!!



He has a PLAN for BE ing WHO we are as individuals, and BE coming all that we are and CAN BE in this Life.  What is our purpose?  What is your purpose for being here?  Have we nailed it?  Are we on course to fulfilling our dreams and goals and finding ~ even Making those goals happen? 

That’s our job.  And those things CAN be found!  That’s the Good News!

A SK  …..

S EEK …..

K NOCK …..

One thing I know is that this living, relational God has wonderful things in store in the future and I am certainly enjoying the journey as I STEP INTO that which He has for me.  It is a BLAST!  I am made in His image, for His purposes to make the world a better place.  See, PLAYING SMALL DOES NOT SERVE THE WORLD.  Do your BEST in all you do and shoot for the moon as far as impact and benefit to the world.  God has your back.  You cannot be in Better Hands.

WE CAME TO DANCE! – click on this link.