My Dad. Harry Langford, Sr.



Processional  –  “It Is Well With My Soul” (Recorded Music) – One of Dad’s favorite Hymns.

Opening, Welcome & Prayer
Congregational Hymn – “The Old Rugged Cross”

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Video Tribute
Special Music – –  Luke and Dan Matsuda

Family Remembrances  –  Laura, Joanne, Harry & Victoria

EulogyPete Fehr & Allan Hays

Congregational Hymn“When We All Get To Heaven”
MessageJohn Martens

Lord’s Prayer – Recite together

Recessional Hymn“In The Garden”


Melissa Newbery

Sarah Guenther

Debbie Langford

Sandra Neufeld

Deanna Bertrand

Rebecca Piper

Brenda Matsuda

Melanie Langford

The immediate family will be going to the graveside directly after the service. Please make your way to the Warman Senior Drop In Center, Peter St., Waman (right behind Warman Gospel Church).  We will meet you there.

Harry and Jean Langford’s Legacy

*Jim and Laura Matsuda

Luke & Clarissa Matsuda – Andrais, Mattias, Isaiah & Kazuo (V)

 Dan & Heather Matsuda – Darian & Anni

Ian & Melissa Newbery – Jane, Katie, Lila & George

Dan and Rebecca Piper – Valerie, James & David

Brenda Matsuda & James Duncan – Aiden, Ethan, James, Noah, Presley, Ryder & Kingston

*Joanne Langford

Guillermo & Ruth Sanabria de Cardona; Chichi & Vania;

Thiago, Fabiana, & Lulu

Karla & Sam;   Sofia

Hugo Rojas (V) & Jimmy Rojas (V)

Mario & Noemí Durán de Fernandez – Andy, Esaid & Joanne Julia

Fernando & Martha Salazar de Solíz – Laura

Daniela Joanne Frith;   Jenny Serrano & Saul Cabrero – Andres & Estevan

*Harry & Rosie Langford

Jason Langford – Madison, Ashley & Kyle White-McCully

Debbie Langford Real Beaudoin – Jerry, Robbie, Justin & Mercedes

Shawn & Jessica Langford – Kain & Stevie

Melanie Langford & Shane Diggins

*David (V) & Vickie Guenther

Sarah Guenther – Eden & Mya

Kim & Sandy Neufeld – Tyra, Alaria & Kaleb

Scott & Deanna Bertrand – Andrew, Nathanael & Rebecca


We would like to thank each one of you for coming today and supporting us during this time.  Your presence and care have helped to lighten the load and to remind us that Dad was not only loved by us but by others also.  You have added colour to our otherwise sad day. Thank you.

Vickie, Laura, Harry and Joanne


*As a family we wish to express our deep and heartfelt appreciation to the staff at Oliver Lodge.  They cared for our father and treated him with  such love and respect.

Words cannot express what that meant and means to us.  You all made his last years good ones.  With much love and appreciation,  Vickie, Laura, Harry and Joanne

*We would also like to thank John Martens and his son Kevin for their friendship to my father and mother and for their care, concern and guidance during this very common but difficult time for us.

How does one say “thank you” adequately?  We hope that you understand that this is a deeply felt and much appreciated “thank you”.

Vickie, Laura, Harry and Joanne …………………………………


Harry Joseph Langford

March 25, 1925 – March 8, 2019

Harry was born in Malton, Ontario to George Ivo and Marjorie Irene Langford on March 25, 1925. He weighed in at 11.5 pounds and was delivered by his grandma on the kitchen table of the old farm house.  He was the middle child with siblings Daisy Marjorie (Mij) Hooper and Ralph Langford.

He was a happy and easy going child who grew up and worked hard on the family farm, even milking a dozen cows before walking to school.  At one point he managed 3 farms.  He loved to farm, to feel the dirt and see the worms (his measure of good soil) plant, tend, and care for crops from start to finish, revelling in the pleasure of the crop readiness and the harvest.  He created beautiful flower and vegetable gardens.  He loved his animals too, cows, dogs, pigs. He was kind-hearted and treated them well.

Harry and Jean, married on Oct 12/46, chose to move to Vancouver, BC in 1956, then to the beautiful Cariboo ranching and lumbering area in the interior of BC.  They homesteaded 840 acres and turned it from bush into a working ranch. Dad also worked for a lumber company driving logging truck, then trained for and worked as a lumber grader for several years before retirement.

Ranching was hard work, times of joy, and satisfaction and times of deep sorrow. Birth and life cycle lived out day by day, gains and losses.

Sometimes the Cariboo had seemed like a God-forsaken place, but in fact that is the very location where they found a personal relationship with God as did all of us children.  They enjoyed being active members in the 100 Mile House Evangelical Free Church, serving the church folk and community at large.

Dad and Mom moved from the ranch in 1992 to a lake view home nearer to 100 Mile House and from there to Saskatchewan in 1996. Soon after moving to Osler, they joined the Osler Community Church and served the Lord there. 

Life changed dramatically following our mother’s stroke in 1997. She entered the Sherbrook care facility and resided there for a number of years, departing to glory on Aug 16, 2008. During that time, our father’s commitment to and love for our mother remains a stellar tribute to his character.

Since that time he has resided with Vickie, at times traveling, taking two trips to Bolivia to get to know Joanne’s family, and going back and forth to Ontario to visit the eastern branch of the family tree, and made several trips to BC and Alberta to visit family and friends.

He had a small business which took him to Phoenix, AZ a couple of times. His last home on this planet was in Oliver Lodge.  He loved the place and the staff there and was well loved in return.  Many thanks to the Oliver lodge staff!

Harry is pre-deceased by his parents, siblings, his wife (Jean), son-in-law David Guenther, Grandsons Hugo and Jimmy Rojas, and Great Grandson Kazuo Matsuda.

He is survived by his children, Laura Matsuda (Jim), Joanne Langford, Harry Langford (Rosario) and Vickie Guenther (DavidV), 19 Grandchildren (VV), 43 Great Grandchildren (V) and 4 Great-great Grandchildren, as well as nieces and nephews and their families.

We want to particularly acknowledge our sister Vickie for devoting considerable time over the last four years, attending to Dad’s different needs and visiting him regularly in Oliver Lodge.

Dad was always welcoming and truly glad to see everyone.  He was a social guy, empathic with folks and their troubles, ready with a quick, natural humour.  He was also a man of prayer. He loved Jesus and prayed fervently that his children, grandchildren and future descendants would serve God fully. 

He was aware he was losing ground the last year or so, and accepted that soon he would be going home to Heaven.  In the last few months that was his fervent wish, asking why he was left here. Then he would acknowledge that God has a reason, and knows the number of our days.  Last week, it was his time to go and he was ready for departure. 

If you asked how he was, dad would always say, “Pretty good for an old toot!”

Dad, you were a beautiful man, and now forever you will be young and restored.

We will miss our favourite “Old Toot!


Slide Presentation from Dad’s Service – by Joanne





Being Happy Requires Some Clear Decisions.

Happiness is a choice.  Being pleasant is a choice.

     How I feel inside, is mine to deal with.  How I project to

others is my choice.  I have days and times when I do

not feel just tickety-boo.  But, I do not choose to dump

my feelings and situation on everyone’s plate.

     I do find appropriate ways to share and process those things,

and thereby grow in my maturity through these events.

Life brings all kinds of opportunity to learn and grow and it is

not always in fun stuff.

Still, choose to be a student and ask ~  What CAN I learn?

What HAVE I learned?  What will I do differently?

     I ask God frequently when things are tough, “Please don’t waste

any of this suffering.”  There is a cost to developing capable-ness and

cope-ability.   Be willing to pay the price.  It is so worth it. Go the

journey, and never give up knowing that you are ‘IN PROCESS’  that

there is a positive outcome for you ~ as life is worked through with God,

knowing that all things will turn out for good.  It is our FAITH that puts

it in action.


CLICK HERE for: The KEYS to Growth & MATURITY.

mkmma – wk 23 – On the road again!

     Such a joy to be with my brother and his wife.   We have nearly lost this dear man a couple of times.   

     He has no functioning kidney and is totally dependent on a dialysis machine.  Thank God for it.   It and its’ components take up half a bedroom, a storage closet, shelves, drawers, water piped into and drained out of the bedroom via the machine’s systems.   It takes an hour to set up at night and an hour to clean up in the morning.   He explained how it works (which is amazing). It cleans his blood while he sleeps.  It is equipped with at least 30 monitoring and signaling for its’ systems, and should the power go off, there is a hand crank that can be used to complete the process to that point, with everything  to and from his body in the exact way before allowing it to shut down.

     My sister-in-law has been through the knothole backwards with these health issues of my brothers.  I appreciate both of them more than I can say.  No flowery beds of ease for them.  BUT a wonderful acceptance of what is and a teamwork spirit of  doing whatever it takes.  I am blessed to see this in action.  

     These things are the real stuff of life.   Life and death.  In spite of that there is a way in which you would not know this was all going on.  A warm welcome to folks who drop in, plans and already planting seedlings for the garden,  the joy of the ‘kids coming home’ and a turkey dinner to visit me and celebrate a son’s birthday.


     Always remembering I/We have this gift of life for a time.  It does have an expiration date.  Look up.  Seek God and His purpose for you.  Find your gift and then give it away someone said.

     We are a kidney, or a heart, or liver, or pain or disease away from our world being turned upsidedown.  WE are Fearfully and Wonderfully made according to the Great Architect.  So Enjoy the Wonder of You and those you come into contact with, NO MATTER YOUR SITUATION.  


Hen and Little Furry ones!

Mkmma Wk. 22 ~ Stunning. I’ve been being Me…


     Considering FEAR, GUILT, ANGER, HURT FEELINGS, and UNWORTHINESS this week and how they can be used as tools.

     One of my Personal Pivotal Needs is ‘Helping Others’.   I have frequently found myself in this role and drawn to it, yet feeling dissatisfied and guilty, and like I’m being proud or arrogant, and ‘who do I think I am’ etc.

     I believe I get something radically different at this point.   As I have been called to help several others through very difficult situations these last weeks and sing at funerals, and be with hurting people, I have great joy.  It was other’s ‘putting on me’ that I was a ‘showoff’ or acting like I want to ‘be in everyone’s business’  or others just being non-supportive and critical.

     The feelings I was experiencing were real, but based on ERROR.  I have been being me. Some have had a problem with that.   I realize that I didn’t fully accept that in me and I was always apologetic to MYSELF since I was not measuring up to ‘WHOEVER’S’ idea of what/how/who I should be.  Or doing these things in spite of how some felt about it and hope they didn’t find out.

     A bit nuts I think.  BUT out of this week’s pondering, a sudden revelation.  HELPING IS WHAT I MUST BE ABOUT.   IT IS ME.  AND THAT’S THAT.

     So I have been hurt, have been angry sometimes, I have been worried or fearful about what others think and what that will look like.  Feeling unworthy secretly to accept praise yet hungering deeply for it.

     I will be me and do what is in my DNA to do, and that’s it.  How or what others in the past or currently think about it, is their choice.  I am not connected by strings to them anymore.  God knows what He made me for.  And I know.

     I shall dance my dance freely and sprinkle Happy Dust while doing so for the care and love of others and the honouring of who I am and what I am about.

     The Five components and I have divorced.  We will bump here and there in passing but no longer have a marriage.    We shall pass as ships in the night with gladness and no fear.


wk. 21 MKMMA ~ Calm Peace Came. Barriers Evaporated.

How can we use:

  • FEAR


Use them for motivation to make change if change is something good to do.


I am a miracle of God’s doing made for good stuff.   I get to see that I live each day as my last and do in each day what is ordained for the day, without looking back, but looking forward to what God and I are creating in my life.  That means letting go of all things that do not contribute positively to the Purposeful Life I live.

Those things are in my mind to control/ignore/stand on the neck of & go forward !

They are an indicator light so to speak, that my old blueprint is wanting to be SAFE.

AT THE SAME TIME my new blueprint is depending on me for support and honouring.

I CHOOSE to support my new blueprint and go forward like pushing through tall grass nonstop and parting it as I go!    Or a ship slicing through the ridiculously massive walls of water, as it goes forward to its’ goal.10454551_10152462647129425_5652329042701601863_n




wk. 20 MKMMA ~What a Cotton-Picking week!

Yes, the week started 7 days ago with a visit and a call to a friend’s death bed.  It was tough and yet precious at the same time.  Love was there.  Words were not possible, but when I sang favourite hymns and my husband and I, on each side of her, holding a soft cool hand, whispered lovely things to our friend, and told how proud we were of her and her accomplishments, she squeezed our hands.  BUT the biggest thing we affirmed to her was great joy in having watched her become who she allowed herself to become, drove/pushed herself to become, IN SPITE OF.

In spite of …. Fill in the blanks.  In spite of all of it, she persevered and became a blessing to so many.  Lovely people who many may have overlooked.  Raising a beautiful daughter who cared for her 24/7 for the last 6 months.  Yes, there was help, but she gave herself to her mom for the duration.

Then, the push as I’m aware of my headaches and visual changes that surface from time to time as a result of a concussion I suffered 4 weeks ago.  The push to do what was necessary to do each day.  Then the call that our friend’s journey here was over and she had winged her way to the very presence of her Lord and Saviour.    Then her wonderful service on Thursday.  A 3-cultural blending of her family and friends.  Precious.  Worshipful.  Fun.  Delightful.  Honouring.  Beautiful.

Then finding on Friday, tests confirming that part of my eyeball is not seeing.  No doubt due to the concussion.  Waiting for further testing.  Waiting waiting.

Then today the joy of friends dropping in unexpectedly who live 700 miles away. They arrived mid-morning and stayed until mid-afternoon and what a wonderful visit. The icing on the cake of a particularly unusual and roller-coaster week.

Would I change anything?  Well maybe the concussion and its’ lingering effects.  But  all the rest, NO.  Not at all.  You see, I get great joy from Helping and Ministering to others.   And as I am open to the opportunity to do so, God sends others to me, or places me in situations where I can just be who I am.  Where I can make someone’s load easier, whether in their living, or their dying, I want to be there.  It is my Joy.

How is it YOU will serve others?   What we do in life that brings the most satisfaction and makes our world a better place is ultimately some form of SERVICE to others.

What is your SERVICE NICHE?   Someone said “Playing small doesn’t serve the world.” So find your place of true service, in your home/family, work, community, world.  Where is it? Someone, some cause is looking for someone just like you.   Take up the call and really find Joy and Purpose!   Hugs to everyone reading this and thank you for reading.




MKMMA – WK 19 – “That Mirror”

I ran into a mirror yesterday. Not  my mirror.  Unexpected.  Not from where, not from whom I would have thought.

What I discovered is that their expression of what THEY saw in the mirror touched me and I thought of my mirror.  Thought of my DMP, thought of my progress in my changing attitudes, behaviours, thoughts, disciplines.  Thankfully there has been some serious and important changes in those very things.  BUT….

the singing of the ‘Man in the Mirror’ that I had never heard, reduced me to tears.  How lovely an expression of the DESIRE to start with the man in the mirror.  And how tragically that life ended.   So I wondered how that revelation of changing oneself, changed him, or just his bank account, or popularity.  Did it give him the peace and joy that I’m sure he longed for. I wonder what changes he envisioned?  Perhaps the revelation is not enough.

For me, I have learned a lot from the Master Key training.  It has been a whole new world.   However, it is easy to slide, I confess.   I do not choose to slide.  I choose to dig in even more and allow myself to be ‘MAXIMIZED’ in person for me and those I serve and will yet serve through the actualizing of my DMP.

Watch this performance.  He was a Master entertainer!   Thank you Michael for wonderful contributions to our world.