Wk 15 ~ MKMMA ~ An Appointment Kept

From my Facebook post of yesterday:

“My Dear Winnie Pig went from us today. Quietly. Softly talking to me to the end, and I her. Our family was around and that was a blessing. Thanks to Brian Considine, our Vet and his assistant Marilyn for loving care. And to my husband who gave Winnie to me over 17 years ago. And to God, who gives us all things.
We were sharing a last trip outside (at -30 C) and a cookie together.  I always will remember and love you Winnie Pig and all the fun and joy you gave us. I will miss you deeply. “

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Winnie, Dad said today that somebody was missing from our home.  A space where warm flesh and blood had been, a presence who oofed out from blankets in greeting as we passed.  Who adjusted her bodacious body so you could belly rub all those nipples, under her arm and rear leg ‘pits’, spread her toes for feet massages, scratch down her back and just in front of her tail where no animal can reach and scratch decently.  One who was my ‘Office Manager’ her cushy bed/cave being in that room.  She came over for rubs and chats during the day.  Every night before I retired, she got a treat.  She knew when, by the shutting off of lights, dog going outside, and presented herself at the edge of her cave, ready, sometimes drooling happily.  And if I forgot, oh my she would chortle and make noises to remind me.

She waded in a kiddie pool in the summer to keep cool, and ate our hayfield lawn, but NEVER flowers as we taught her the first year to don’t touch the flowers.  And she didn’t.  She knew NO from 100 feet and would stop.  She NEVER left our unfenced yard, knew where the unmarked border was.  She played tag lapping around the house with my husband.  He thought he’d killed her once when she collapsed.  But she was teasing and when he got close she snapped up and beat him around to the back.  Smart little one.

She welcomed each new grandchild by carefully, tenderly touching and smelling with her ‘baby-butt-soft’ snouty, circling and ‘knowing’ this new one.  She’d flop down on a picnic blanket on the grass, in the shade and nap with us, or lay down on the blanket beside the little girls playing dolls.

She so enjoyed the arrival of Spring, warm winds, and could find the first blades of grass springing up along the patio – with delight!

Winnie came to us at 3 weeks of age.  Her mother was ill and she needed care, and I was not recovering well from a major illness,  so we cuddled and slept and bottle fed in that lazy-boy chair and I got well and she got big – too big for the chair!   She grew larger than we thought, but always behaved in the house and was a pure delight.

The appointment that was kept?  Well all living things have a lifespan and it was her appointment time, the last day of her life with us here.  I had hoped she’d go in her sleep, but that was not to be and when her pain and stroke affected body was crying for relief, it was time.  So glad to have been with her every minute.  I laid beside her on the floor earlier and snuggled and we talked and were warm together.  Then later the vet came.  Some of my children and grandchildren were here.  And it was peaceful and loving and she was not alone.  She was nervous with the process, and when I rubbed her heady and her leg and massaged her toes, the tension left and she really relaxed.  My words to her and my touch she trusted to the moon.

Winston Churchill loved pigs.  He said that “A dog will look up to you, a cat down on you, but a pig looks you square in the eye as an equal.”

What I know is that to have been loved and trusted and enjoyed BY an intelligent animal as Winnie was, is a distinct blessing.   She was a companion and friend who received my love and gave it back. 17 years of loving and joy.  I am a different person because of having her in my life, forever changed.

You are the best piggie ever, Winnie ~ My Piglet ~ My Darling Piggie.



12 thoughts on “Wk 15 ~ MKMMA ~ An Appointment Kept

  1. Sorry for your loss. That was a beautiful tribute. Very well written.

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  2. So sorry to hear of your loss. I know how you are feeling as I’ve lost a pet who was art of our family very much. Thanks for sharing such a heart warming story. Blessings

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  3. masterkeyinterface says:

    Thank you Dille. People caring really helps. We do feel so sad and almost think we can hear her vocals some times. But it is our hearts that speak out to her I think. Blessings, and Happy New Year! Keep on the Path. Love, Laura


  4. Dear Laura and Family, My heart and eyes are weeping as I read this of your great love so well written from your heart, for your precious pet, Winnie your Pig…a great part of your family for many long years.. yes you will miss her incredibly but be reminded over and over again of the joy she brought into your lives and what you gave to her life.. may those memories warm your heart as your warm tears run down your faces..I too have lost precious pets that I have loved incredibly,and yes I still miss them… it is the price we pay with the grief,what we pay for loving…May God comfort your hearts.. thanks so much for sharing a beautiful story and photos… warm hugs to you, Sharon


  5. Louise says:

    So sorry for your loss, Laura. God bless as you move ahead into God’s next blessing. Louise


  6. Deanna says:

    Thank you for the glimpse into your darling companion’s life. So sorry for your loss.


  7. The Bruce says:

    I felt your love for Winnie and it brough a tear to my eyes.
    thank you


  8. masterkeyinterface says:

    I just read this again. As the anniversary of Winnie’s death comes around, I am thinking of her. Yes some tears, but now more of a smile when I remember the sweet things and funky little ways she had. She enriched my life and still does. I speak of her, and pigs in general and their great capacity for learning and communicating and trusting and having fun. They have a childish fun side. And I want to help people see that.
    I do eat pork, I want you to know. I’m not a vegan. But I get my pork from ranchers here who respect and treat their animals with dignity, where they can run around a field and be pigs and enjoy life.
    Then they depart in a humane way.
    Did you know there is a verse in the Bible that says you can tell a person’s character by the way they treat animals. I have found that to be true.
    God have mercy on folks who abuse animals. There will be an answering for how we have behaved to animals, birds, and sea life and of course, each other.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. .


  9. I liked to read this. Winnie’s story will be published in the near future and it is a privilege to honour her in such a manner.
    Thanks to all who read. I appreciate your interest.
    Love from this Piggymom.


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